3D Interface

Here at Boltenstern, we are pioneering the use of direct precious metal 3D printing in fine jewelry. Each piece is designed and coded by our design team in a 3D interface. We use mathematical algorithms to create perfectly geometrical structures in a 3D interface on a computer.

in-house coding

own algorithms

The intricacy of each piece lies in the coding of our in-house algorithms. Our coding process can take anywhere from a couple of months to several years. It is all conducted by our in-house design team, led by our founder, Marie Boltenstern.

coded by hand

the code input

The code files are fed to the 3D printers to initiate the printing process. These files are the direct input for the printer.

crafted by technology

our 3d printers

This is one of our direct precious metal 3D printers. We have two printers constantly printing our collections.

our precious metals

powder precision

Our printers work with recycled 18 carat gold or silver powder. The powder is precisely measured out for each print run.

fine handling

expert knowledge

The superfine powder is put into the printer by specialised printing technicians. Working with such valuable and fine powder requires unique handling. All our 3D printing is closely monitored by our experienced partner, Cookson Gold, who are world-renowned for their precious metal 3D printing expertise.

where the magic happens

inside the printer

The powder is melted together by a fine laser, layer by layer. This means, that the pieces are built up from the bottom to the top. The printer can handle a large number of designs and variety of different products at the same time. This enables us to offer our clients personalised pieces, where they can choose the precious metal and the gemstones for their bespoke jewelry piece.

unique smooth mobility

exquisite fine jewelry

The printed jewelry pieces have the same quality as cast fine jewelry. However, the 3d printing process allows us to combine intricate crafting with unique mobility, which is unattainable with any other jewelry making technique.

rough gems

intertwined as one

The pieces come out of the printer already linked together, so each piece of jewelry is printed as a whole. However, when they come out of the printer, the pieces are rough to the touch.

colours of the rainbow

anything is possible

For our embrace collections, the gemstones are implemented within the printing process. Any colour combination is possible, so we can print a variety of customised pieces simultaneously.

finished by hand

shine bright

Finally, each piece is hand-finished and polished by our highly skilled goldsmiths in our atelier in Vienna. Our goldsmiths are renowned for their skills, having trained and worked with our founder, the goldsmith extraordinaire, Sven Boltenstern.