2020: CLASSIC BLUE - boltenstern


Each year Pantone, the lifestyle and trend color bible, choses a particular color for the year. The 2020 Trend-Color is Classic Blue!   We have noticed 'Classic Blue' in all areas of life already this year, including art, fashion, lifestyle products and of course also with our own BOLTENSTERN jewelry pieces. This year we will be wearing our beloved Fabnora earrings in 'Classic Blue'. Is it perhaps time for a color change for you as well?   'Classic Blue' was chosen for 2020 to instil calm, confidence, and connection. Pantone believes this "timeless and enduring blue" that is "suggestive of the sky at dusk" highlights our...

Fabnora: How to wear it - boltenstern

Fabnora: How to wear it

Our Fabnora collection combines goldsmith craftsmanship with modern technology to create a modern edgy look. It is one of our most popular collections, inspired by nature’s geometric patterns and is all about having fun with a range of elegant and bright colors. 
How BOLTENSTERN 3D prints fine jewelry: A step by step breakdown - boltenstern

How BOLTENSTERN 3D prints fine jewelry: A step by step breakdown

BOLTENSTERN is pioneering the use of direct precious metal 3D printing technology to shape the future of fine jewelry.  If you’ve ever wondered just how our fine jewelry pieces are produced, here’s a step by step breakdown of how we create exquisite fine jewelry - coded by hand, crafted by technology. Jewelry design is coded by hand  Every BOLTENSTERN piece of jewelry is coded by our Head of Design, Marie Boltenstern, by hand. Marie uses her architectural background to construct mathematical calculations to create perfectly geometrical structures in a 3D interface on a computer. The coding process can take anywhere from...

Fusing fine jewelry and music at the Salzburg Festival - boltenstern

Fusing fine jewelry and music at the Salzburg Festival

BOLTENSTERN has been represented at the Salzburg classical music festival for over 50 years. The Salzburg Festival is the largest and most important event in classical music in Austria, and next year the festival will be celebrating its centenary. 

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