We work on building a sustainable future through technology

Future Legacy 

We work on building a sustainable future through technology, consciously developing meaningful change through innovation. We are an international female-led team aiming to build an ecosystem of shared beliefs, knowledge and interests with our customers and community, empowering each other to do better.

Sustainability at heart

We strive for a future of production-on-demand, minimizing the need for resources, raw materials and energy, able to leave a positive impact for generations to come.


Modern technology offers new and ground-breaking possibilities for how products can be designed, produced and experienced by customers. 3D printing solutions can help to respond more quickly and effectively to changes in customer preferences, which will lead to a decrease in over production – not to mention the low-waste manufacturing processes itself.  

Based on four pillars, we strive to leave a positive long-lasting impact through innovation   


We make all our pieces from recycled precious metals, ethically sourced gemstones and diamonds.

We work with bio-based, recycled or recyclable materials only. 

Source recyclable and biodegradable packaging and displays.


Make use of 3D printing as a low-waste production method.

Offer timeless pieces and modular design to constantly refresh purchased pieces and make them long-term re-usable.

Establish our print-on-demand B2B and B2C business model without excess stock.

Ethical Practices

Work with production partners and suppliers certified by the Responsible Jewelry Council.

Achieve a responsible supply chain by minimizing shipping in-between locations and establishing decentralized production.

Define guidelines for in-house ethical business practices and culture and act in accordance.


Support female entrepreneurs and women in STEM (The female factor, Kode with Klossy) by donating and lecturing about our expertise.

Support local communities in the areas where we operate.

On-Demand Production

Our long-term efforts to design a more sustainable business model will lead us to reduce waste and scale up circular approaches, producing exclusively on-demand – therefore saving resources, raw materials and energy. 


The additive manufacturing process is a low-waste production method, using solely what is needed to build a piece

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