Fine jewelry.
Coded by hand, crafted by technology. 

Irresistibly smooth

We create collections of irresistibly smooth and sinuously gently moving jewels.

intrinsically unique

Only by combining the latest 3D technology with over 50 years of experience with finest traditional craftsmanship are we able to perfectly implement the filigree complexity of our pieces. Exceptionally light and comfortable to wear, our jewelry is crafted using 100% recycled 18k gold combined with natural gemstones from certified partners.

'Jewelry is the smallest form of architecture.'

Architecture allows me to think in multiple dimensions and create designs that are incredibly complex, yet effortlessly simple and aesthetic to the eye.’

Marie Boltenstern, Founder and Head of Design


'It is only by thinking in multiple dimensions that we can create designs that are at once almost impossibly complex, yet effortlessly simple.'

Marie Boltenstern, Founder and Head of Design

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