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BOLTENSTERN was established in 1964 by Sven Boltenstern, and swiftly become the go-to-artisan goldsmiths for ornate one-off pieces, loved by Hollywood and European royalty. Sven attracted glamour and the brand was synonymous with extravagant designs and exquisite details. Each piece was made by hand in the in-house atelier in Vienna.

Winner of the Diamond International Award

BOLTENSTERN is known for extravagant designs, organic appearance and the most precise detailing. Every piece is unique and manufactured in the in-house workshop in Vienna. In 1967, Sven Boltenstern received the 'Diamond International Award' and was granted membership to the London-based 'Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths'.



During the 1970s, Sven Boltenstern was renowned for throwing glamorous exhibitions attended by the European glitterati. He established an exclusive and international pop-up sales culture before the word was even known.


In 2015, Sven's daughter, Marie, a trained architect, took over the business. Marie believes jewelry is the smallest form of architecture, and set about looking to combine her love for emergent technologies with the crafting of fine jewels.


Marie Boltenstern designed the Swarovski Tiara named “The Rising Star” for the debutantes of the 2016 Vienna Opera Ball. Swarovski has been creating sparkling diadems at the Vienna Opera Ball for more than 50 years. Designers to have followed Marie Boltenstern’s path include renowned names such as Karl Lagerfeld (2017), Dolce & Gabbana (2018), and Versace (2019).


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