Future Legacy

We are grateful for the valuable legacy that has enabled us to lay the foundation for a new generation of jewelers. In 2015 Marie Boltenstern took over the brand from her father, Sven Boltenstern, leading it into a future of fine jewelry through innovation.

SINCE 1964

Boltenstern as a brand for fine jewelry was founded in 1964 by Marie's father, the artist and goldsmith Sven Boltenstern, whose extravagant haute couture pieces amazed the jet set of the 70s all over the world.


Boltenstern was established in 1964 by Sven Boltenstern. The brand was synonymous with extravagant designs and exquisite details. Each piece was made by hand in the in-house atelier in Vienna.


In 1967, Sven Boltenstern - who was known for extravagant designs and organic appearance - received the 'Diamond International Award' and was granted membership to the London-based 'Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths'. 


During the 1970s, Sven Boltenstern was renowned for throwing glamorous exhibitions attended by the European glitterati. He established an exclusive and international pop-up sales culture before the word was even known. This image shows his wife Irmina with Prince Amyn Muhammad Aga Khan at one of his famous exhibitions in Salzburg.

Pop-up Glamour

Sven Boltenstern in Paris in the 70s. The woman on the right wears 'body jewelry' in 18k gold.

Austrian Roots

In 2016 Marie Boltenstern designed the Swarovski Tiara named “The Rising Star” for the debutantes of the 60th Vienna Opera Ball. The history dates back to her grand-father who was an architect and rebuilt the Vienna state opera after the second world war. Vienna has always represented the solid roots of the brand.

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