Light & Smooth

As light as a feather, Fabnora pendants are extremely comfortable to wear and amazingly capable to adapt to the body.

Flower Patterns

A true hymn to joy, extravagant creativity, unapologetic beauty, and life itself, Fabnora patterns draw inspiration from the alluring shape of flower petals.


No matter the occasion, Fabnora is designed to match any outfit, from simple day look to glamorous night out.

 unique design

Fabnora jewels are unattainable with any other jewelry making technique, not even human hands

Sensory Experience

Inspired by the smooth sensation of a gentle touch, Fabnora is a kaleidoscope of sensory experiences, which combine in soft geometries and shapes in continual motion. 


Fabnora is all about personalization: Have fun mixing and matching pendant colors and shapes with different hoops and styles.

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