intertwined structure

Designed with a fine intertwined structure, Boltenstern jewels combine artisan goldsmith tradition and state of the art technology, rigorous geometries and intense sensuality.  

Soft geometries

Soft geometries and shapes in continual motion characterize Boltenstern' smooth, exceptionally light and fluid creations. 


'It is only by thinking in multiple dimensions that we can create designs that are at once almost impossibly complex, yet effortlessly simple.'

Marie Boltenstern, Founder and Head of Design

'Jewelry is the smallest form of architecture.'

Architecture allows me to think in multiple dimensions and create designs that are incredibly complex, yet effortlessly simple and aesthetic to the eye.’

Marie Boltenstern, Founder and Head of Design

Cutting-edge motif

Boltenstern pieces enchant with its innovative and cutting-edge motif, expressing Boltenstern’s ultimate and always surprising approach to jewelry.