Over the years, the classic FABNORA - FAB ESSENCE - has become one of our most popular collections and a must-have for every jewelry lover. But with every passing season, we are shaping a new world. Therefore, we proudly present to you the second line in the World of FABNORA.

The meaning behind FAB BLOSSOM

FAB BLOSSOM is a blend of two meaningful words: FAB, for fabulous, and BLOSSOM, for celebrating the flourishing of your inner strength. Inspired by nature’s geometric patterns, the new line expresses BOLTENSTERN’s ultimate and always surprising approach to jewelry.

The Jewelry

Designed with a fine intertwined structure, the FAB BLOSSOM pieces are smooth, unique, and fluid. Show your individual style with the lightest, most playful jewelry you will ever wear!

The Inspiration

Blooming amongst the marvels of the nature, FAB BLOSSOM design draw inspiration from the alluring motif of flower petals that move to the rhythm of the wind.

The Complexity

The natural inspiration is translated into mathematical codes in order to generate the intertwining and gently moving shapes.

The Pattern

Inspired by the wonders of nature and its bold yet delicate shapes, FAB BLOSSOM pattern is a unique leitmotif able to evoke the multifaceted expressions of contemporary people, reflecting your passion and creativity.

What is your favorite FAB BLOSSOM piece? Discover the entire line here: FAB BLOSSOM

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