Think of palm trees, blue skies, gorgeous twilights, warm breaths, and beaches. Have you ever dreamed of California, from Hollywood to Malibu, roaring by Sunset Boulevard on a vintage cabriolet?

From the memory of an unforgettable L.A. experience and inspired by the most stunning shades of light at sundown, we introduce you to our new FABNORA California Sunset Collection.



As the daylight fades, a saturated, pure and fun fuchsia pink with a magenta undertone spreads around, creating beams of uplifting lights that grace the horizon and bring forth the night sky. Let your vibrant personality shine with this lively color!


Walking along the shore, leaving your imprint, feeling the weight and movement of your body. Coral sand is all about the feeling of warm sand on the skin and the sounds of ocean waves in the ears - a wonderful color now captured in the new FABNORA summer collection.


When the last rays of sun reverberate on the water, the sky is colored in shades of indigo, and slowly every landscape becomes muffled. Very Peri moves between the warmth of red and the coolness of blue; it creates an uplifting depth and a dynamic presence that energizes our spirit and empowers our creativity.


The day is drawing to a close, the evening is ahead of you. Harbour blue is a transition space where the blue of the sea meets the green reflexes of nature on a vanishing horizon.


Which colors are your favorite for this summer season? Explore a world of possibilities!

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