World of Fabnora


The name FABNORA is a combination of the words ‘FAB’ and‘NORA’. ‘FAB’ is short for ‘fabulous’, a celebration of the vibrant and thrilling personality of FABNORA. A multifaced, passionate and unpredictable woman, who always knows howto surprise and light up the world around her.

‘NORA’ refers to Marie Boltenstern’s middle name. No other name would do a better job at reflecting the prideful strength hidden in its Latin origin.


Inspired by the smooth sensation of a gentle touch, FABNORA is a kaleidoscope of sensory experiences, which combine in soft geometries and shapes in continual motion.

FAB ESSENCE embodies the true essence of the FABNORA Collection. As light as a feather, amazingly capable to adapt to the body, FAB ESSENCE is an irresistibly eclectic jewellery you simply won’t find anywhere else.

FAB BLOSSOM express Boltenstern’s ultimate and always surprising approach to jewellery. Blooming among the marvels of the nature, FAB BLOSSOM draws inspiration from the alluring motif of flower petals that move to the rhythm of the wind.


Designed with a fine intertwined structure, FABNORA jewels combine light polyamide pieces and handcrafted precious metal components.

RECYCLED - The studs are made of recycled 925sterling silver, yellowgold vermeil

3D PRINTED - The colorful part is 3D printed in polyamide, melted together layer by layer from fine powder


At the very heart of the creative process, BOLTENSTERN’s distinctiveness stands in its capacity to develop mathematical algorithms to design complex shapes and geometrical structures on a 3D interface.

Once completed, the codes are fed directly to 3D printers to initiate the manufacturing process. Inside the 3D printers, the raw powder, whether light polyamide, gold or silver, is melted together layer by layer, finally giving life to the desired shape.


Feel FABNORA, feel sensational

FABNORA pieces are moving bodies, structured yet soft to the touch, amazingly capable to adapt to the body.


Feel FABNORA, feel easy

As light as a feather, FABNORA pieces are extremely comfortable to wear.


Feel FABNORA, feel bright

Combining a light-hearted spirit with simple elegance, FABNORA colors emphasize our desire for the pleasure and indulgence that color can bring to our lives.


Feel FABNORA, feel free

FABNORA is all about personnalisation: Have fun mixing and matching pendant colors and shapes with different stud finishings and styles.


Feel FABNORA, feel surprising

No matter the occasion, FABNORA is designed to match any outfit, from simple day look to glamorous night out.


Feel FABNORA, feel pioneer

FABNORA jewels are unattainable with any other jewelry making technique, not even human hands. Coded by hand, crafted by technology.


Feel FABNORA, feel fabulous

3D printing technology allows BOLTENSTERN to shape irresistibly eclectic jewelry you simply won’t find anywhere else!


All BOLTENSTERN creations are artfully hand-wrapped in a gift box, that makes your jewel even more valuable and special.

The earrings and pendants come in a pouch in the box, perfect for keeping your jewels safe and close to you. A FAB Club digital authenticity card is also included.