BOLTENSTERN is pioneering the use of direct precious metal 3D printing technology to shape the future of fine jewelry. 

If you’ve ever wondered just how our fine jewelry pieces are produced, here’s a step by step breakdown of how we create exquisite fine jewelry - coded by hand, crafted by technology.

  1. Jewelry design is coded by hand 

Every BOLTENSTERN piece of jewelry is coded by our Head of Design, Marie Boltenstern, by hand. Marie uses her architectural background to construct mathematical calculations to create perfectly geometrical structures in a 3D interface on a computer. The coding process can take anywhere from a couple of months to several years.

  1. Files are input directly into the printer

Once the design has been coded in the 3D interface, the files can be added directly to the 3D printer.

  1. Extremely fine recycled gold and silver powder is added to the printer

The BOLTENSTERN jewelry pieces are created from a tray of powder which is extremely fine, like precious dust. We insert trays of sterling silver and 18ct yellow and rose gold powder into the printer. Once the files & metal powder have been added, the printing process can start. 

  1. Metal powder is melted together layer by layer

The pieces are printed by applying a fine metal powder, layer by layer. The layers are melted together during the process using an extremely fine laser, meaning that the pieces are constructed from the bottom up. 

  1. Jewelry crafted by technology emerges from the printer

The fine jewelry pieces emerge from the printer already linked together and, if they feature a Swarovski or other gemstone, these are integrated during the 3D printing process. When the pieces are produced by the printer, they are initially rough to the touch. Finishing is an important step that follows printing.

  1. Pieces are finished & polished to perfection by our in-house goldsmiths
The fine jewelry pieces are then taken to our in-house goldsmith workshop, to be finished and polished to perfection by our own goldsmiths. Using wheels and tools with abrasive compounds, each piece has its shape and surfaces contoured. The next stages include lighter polishing mediums that reveal a brilliant shine on your BOLTENSTERN piece. Each piece is refined and polished to perfection before being shipped to the customer or taken to the store.
The result of using groundbreaking technology and combining it with algorithms based on mathematics and architectural design are iconic pieces of fine jewelry you simply won’t find anywhere else. 

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