The uniqueness and versatility of our Fabnora earrings make them the fabulous finish for every occasion - and the traditional Austrian Dirndl is definitely not the exception.

You can mix and match your Fabnoras according to your Dirndl colors, adding a color pop to your outfit and since the earring are incredibly light, when wearing them you almost forget you have them on.

The geometric designs are available in an array of colors, and come in mini, small and large sizes - there’s a set of earrings to suit every Dirndl style. Our interchangeable pendants allow you to pick and choose your favorite combination of colors, sizes, studs, and precious metals - the possibilities to combine your traditional Austrian Dirndl with matching Fabnora earrings are truly endless!

Here are just a few examples to show you just how you can wear your set of Fabnora’s in combination with your Dirndl:

Katharina combined her traditional Austrian Dirndl with matching Topaz Blue FABNORA earrings. Beautiful Tina is wearing our Amalfi Peridot Green pendants perfectly matching with her super-cute Dirndl.

Marie, decided to combined her traditional Austrian Dirndl with the stunning Sea Turquoise Fabnora pendants. Delie chose to wear the powerful Classic Blue earrings that perfectly match with her beautiful Dirndl.

Thank you for letting us be part of your special moments. Live life in color with Fabnora!

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