Direct 3D printing technology

BOLTENSTERN is the world’s first to create unique fine jewelry designs by using direct 3D printing production technology and developing computational 3D algorithms.

We use in-house mathematical algorithms to create perfectly geometrical structures in a 3D interface on a computer. The coding process can take anywhere from a couple of months to several years. Once the design has been coded in the 3D interface, the files can be added directly to the 3D printer.

Our printers work with recycled 18 carat gold or silver powder. The superfine precious metal powder is put into the printer by specialised printing technicians. The powder is melted together by a fine laser, layer by layer. Finally, each piece is hand-finished and polished by our highly skilled goldsmiths.

The results are exquisite jewelry pieces, where intricately complex designs are combined with extraordinary mobility, which are unattainable with any other jewelry making technique.

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