Entranced by the dramatic cliffs and coastal scenery of the Amalfi Coast, Marie was drawn to the architectural wonder of Positano. Here she fell in love with the rich colour palette, the winding paths, terraced vineyards and intense architecture. Stunning manmade structures surrounded by the majestic power and protection of nature inspired Marie’s first multi-coloured Embrace collection.

The faceted gemstones reflect the sun and the sea intertwined with the shadows of the mountains and the coloured architecture. The light jewelry and pastel colours transport wearers to Marie’s happy memories of the magnificent Mediterranean coast.



Cote d'Azur Morning Sun

Travelling with her famed goldsmith father, Marie recalls endless summers spent showing jewelry collections on the Cote d’Azur. Marie’s own pieces capture the bright shafts of sunlight dancing on the water, as the sunlight climbs higher into the sky. That first glimpse of brightness and creativity of a fresh new day awakening, where anything is possible.

The faceted nature of the delicate topaz stones reflects the sunlight and the sea, casting light all around through the golden spheres bringing a sense of calm and clarity to the wearer.



Tuscany Sunset

As the sun starts to set at the end of a warm Tuscan day, the wind rustles in the trees and your soul is stirred – you feel the fullness of life. Evoking memories of Marie’s Tuscan holidays, the faceted citrine gemstones bask in the sun’s glow, reflecting light and energy onto the wearer.

The summer sun dazzles through the golden stars, like dappled sunlight on Tuscan terraces. The wearer is comforted and energised by the impression of the exquisite yellow gemstones dancing in the sunlight, and is transported to the golden warmth of the Tuscan hills.



Vienna Royal

Growing up in the regal, harmonious splendour of Vienna is the essence of Marie’s second Embrace collection. The rich deep hues of purple have been associated with royalty and riches since time immemorial.

The stunning, saturated beauty of amethysts showcase luxurious feelings of tranquillity and strength, clearly mirrored in the resounding architecture of the City of Music. Each piece depicts the raw, tranquil beauty of a Viennese woman glimpsed through her strong rose facade of divine femininity.

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Paris Classic

While living and working as an engineer in Paris, Marie’s daily commute embraced Rue Saint Honorare and Place du Vendome. Amazed and in awe of the majestic monuments and architectural splendour, Marie realised the possibility of combining the heritage of her family’s goldsmith ancestry with her passion for architecture and form.

The optimism and serenity she felt led to her first Embrace collection with Chrysoprase and 18 carat gold yellow gold. The smooth, positive stones represent divine truth streaming through delicate gold stars, giving the wearer joy, enlightenment and confidence.