Our EMBRACE Collection displays a delicate design, that cannot be made by hand. With colorful gemstones, protected by precious 3D printed metal spheres this collection makes a statement in the journey of fine jewelry innovation.

The brand-new EMBRACE Summer edition is inspired by three stunning places, their nature and marvelous architecture. The delicate design with faceted gemstones, developed by Marie Boltenstern, reflects the warm sunlight, embraced and protected by the fine 18 carat gold. 

Explore our brand-new EMBRACE Summer edition and drift away with us to stunning places! 

EMBRACE COTE  D'AZUR MORNING SUN                                                                                             Our journey starts in Cote d'Azur, with its crystal-clear turquoise sparking water, reflecting the warm sunlight 💙                                                                                                                                      The faceted Swiss Blue Topaz perfectly reminds the light sea summer breeze and the sun smoothly touching the fresh sea water, casting light all around through the golden spheres bringing a sense of calm and clarity to the wearer.                                                                                                                                                        Marie’s own pieces capture the bright shafts of sunlight dancing on the water, as the sunlight climbs higher into the sky. That first glimpse of brightness and creativity of a fresh new day awakening, where anything is possible.                                                                                                        Discover our brand-new EMBRACE Cote d'Azur Collection

                    EMBRACE   TUSCANY  SUNSET                                                                            We continue our adventure in Tuscany and its marvelous sunsets 💛                                                                                                                 Inspired by the stunning yellow colors that appear when the sun sets in the vineyards of the beautiful region. Evoking memories of Marie’s Tuscan holidays, the faceted citrine gemstones bask in the sun’s glow, reflecting light and energy onto the wearer. The yellow Citrine blends with the embracing 18ct yellow gold and gently shines as a whole.                                                                                                         The summer sun dazzles through the golden stars, like dappled sunlight on Tuscan terraces. The wearer is comforted and energised by the impression of the exquisite yellow gemstones dancing in the sunlight, and is transported to the golden warmth of the Tuscan hills.




EMBRACE AMALFI COAST                                                                                                                        For our third scene we visit Amalfi, with its impressive cliffs’ colors merging with the regional architecture and lemon trees leading the way to the vivid seaside 💛💜💙💚 

Entranced by the dramatic cliffs and coastal scenery of the Amalfi Coast, Marie was drawn to the architectural wonder of Positano. Here she fell in love with the rich colour palette, the winding paths, terraced vineyards and intense architecture.

The faceted gemstones Citrine, Amethyst, Swiss Blue Topaz and Peridot embody the multifaceted and stunning scenery of the coast. They reflect the sun and the sea intertwined with the shadows of the mountains and the coloured architecture. The light jewelry and pastel colours transport wearers to Marie’s happy memories of the magnificent Mediterranean coast.

Marie's fine jewelry pieces embody the multifaceted and stunning scenery of summer, taking the wearer into a journey filled with memories, laughter and joy.

Discover more about our EMBRACE Collection here: https://boltenstern.com/pages/embracecollection

*Cover Photo by Louis Podevin from Pexels

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