BOLTENSTERN since 1964 and until today - from the introduction of the technique of hammered gold by Sven Boltenstern to Marie’s world’s first directly 3D printed collection in Gold and Silver; the technique is different, but the intention remains: create wearable pieces of art that suit the human body.


The Heritage collection is an ode to the past, while the Resonance collection is an insight into the future of fine jewellery, which BOLTENSTERN is shaping day by day with this exciting journey. The fine hammered gold is both archaic and gracious while the 3D printed precious metal is both gracious and innovative. 


The hammered technique for fine jewelery is a craftsman method to mold gold or silver into a detailed piece of work. This technique allows the goldsmith to shape structures with a hammered texture, opening a a diversity of expressions and enables to create unique jewelry pieces. Sven Boltenstern, Marie's father, was a master of the hammered technique, which made every of his pieces a unique experience.'

Discover more about Marie's inspiration behind our Heritage and Resonance Collection:

Heritage Collection

'Designed, crafted and finished by hand, Heritage honors our legacy and talented goldsmith ancestry. With their elegant, simple and timeless design, these pieces hold a special place in every jewelry collection and are heirlooms for future generations.'


 - Our beautiful Alex is wearing Heritage Studs with Earring Pendant and Heritage Necklace L.


Resonance Collection


'Inspired by natural animal-scale structures, Resonance pieces consist of fine metal plates that move and adapt to your body like a second skin. These pieces are crafted by the 3D printing machine as a whole, layer by layer, creating a smooth and exquisitely elegant design.'


 - Our beautiful Carina is wearing Resonance Earrings, Resonance Necklace, Resonance Bracelet 6-Row and the stunning Resonance Ring.


Therefore, tradition and technology are important elements that define Boltenstern - today we are embracing our 18 carat gold heritage.

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