We are excited to guide you into a world of unexpected movements and experiences. With our FABNORA Autumn Forest collection, we enter the golden season of the year with you. Let us introduce you to our four new colors. 

Amber Glow

Let us take you to the colorful autumn forest that starts glowing in the evening sun, blending with the trees and their tender leaves.

Pine Green

Lush and gentle at the same time,  this deep and dark green leads you to the road down the forest mighty and protecting trees. 

 ​ ​

Terra Brown

Become one with the pure and rustic natural beauty of mother nature's nourishing earth. 

 Fire Red

The burning passion within you comes to live with this vibrant, yet classic autumn-red.


Have you ever been touched by a jewel that feels like a second skin?

With its lightness and versatility, FABNORA is a unique way of experiencing jewelry. The most exciting part is that the piece, when it is programmed in the computer is totally rigid, rectangular and fully calculated. When it comes out of the 3D printer, it becomes alive, suprising with its extraordinary movement and smoothness.



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