Our brand-new Spring-Summer color combinations were inspired by the dramatic cliffs and coastal scenery of the Amalfi Coast.

Marie was drawn to the architectural wonder of Positano. Here she fell in love with the rich colour palette, where winding paths, terraced vineyards and pastel colored architecture run down to the edge of the crystal-clear water. Each color of the Amalfi Coast Collection transports wearers to memories of the magnificent Mediterranean coast. 

'Did you know, that the secret to the taste and the special properties of the Amalfi-coast lemon - called the ‘sfusato amalfitano’ - comes from the formation of the Amalfi territory, protected from the cold northern wind by the mountains but exposed to the sea breezes and strong sun? Exactly these elements were the inspiration to design the new FABNORA amalfi pieces and colors. With all their brightfulness they are meant to bring colorful joy to your life! (source: amalficoasting.org).'


Fall in love with our new Fabnora Amalfi colors! Let us remember with you those sunny days in Amalfi Coast and be transported to the true feeling of summer. The four new colors will let your imagination drift to the coast and the feeling of a light summer breeze by the sea.

Our new collection was inspired by different elements of this breathtaking place. Check Marie's inspiration behind each of our new Amalfi colors:

 Fabnora Citrine Yellow

Conjuring images of citrus trees leading to the water’s edge & the pale sun soaked architecture, this yellow brings sunshine & happiness



Topaz Blue

Large summer skies reflected in the sea below transport the wearer to sunnier climates & the true feeling of summer



Peridot Green

Reflecting the crystal clear color of the Mediterranean sea & white sand, this compassionate color brings delight & good cheer



Amethyst Violet

A combination of late afternoon shadows from majestic mountains & colorful architecture envelop the wearer in a gentle summer haze



Go Crazy, Go Fab! Mix and match Fabnora Amalfi Earrings according to the occasion, wear them to complement your everyday edgy look or as an elegant statement for a dinner date - and you can complete your style with a bracelet and a necklace! 

Which Fabnora Amalfi outfit is your favourite?


Our Fab Amalfi Citrine Yellow look :

Citrine Yellow Earrings S
Citrine Yellow Bracelet FAB7

    Our Fab Amalfi Amethyst Violet look :

    Amethyst Violet Earrings S
    Amethyst Violet Necklace S

      Our Fab Amalfi Topaz Blue look :

      Topaz Blue Earrings L
      Topaz Blue Bracelet FAB3

        Our Fab Amalfi Peridot Green look :

        Peridot Green Earrings S
        Peridot Green Bracelet FAB3   

          Feel the summer and spread the sunshine!


          * Photo Credit: Amalfi photo by Michael Block from Pexel

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